Since first stepping into the Octagon back in 2015, Raymond Hill knew all he wanted to do was fight. Three years and nine wins later, Hill boasts an 8-1 amateur record, is undefeated as a professional and has recorded over half of his wins via knock out or TKO.

Ray goes by the fight name "Boom Boom" not because it's the sound you hear when his fists connect with someone's face, but because fighting is his way of life.

His gym, Art of War, located in Eugene, Oregon, is just as humble as he is. You won't find UFC veterans passing down knowledge to young fighters, and it isn't any bigger than the car garage right next to it. But it's where Ray started his fight career. It's where countless hours of hard work have taken place, and it's where he spent his days in preparation for his professional MMA debut

We caught up with the HPS sponsored athlete, "Boom Boom" after his debut to find out more about his experience and how he used CBD sports nutrition to prepare for one of the biggest moments in his life.

HPS: Describe the feeling you had when preparing for your professional debut. What motived you every day?

RH: It was a roller coaster ride of emotions that led me to my own paradise. The death of my mother when I was a child and my little brother are my day to day motivation, but the driving force behind my grind is to simply get better. Mastery is my only mission.

HPS: The training had to be hard. Take us through a typical day during your camp.

RH: My training days vary. There are many areas a Mixed Martial Artist must focus on. The beginning of my day is prayer and meditation. Early in the morning, around 10 am, I begin my first set of the day weight training, drilling technique and then shadow boxing rounds. I also try to [foam] roll and stretch before and after all physical exercise. In the middle of the day, I'll hit pads with my Muay Thai coach. My final evening set is the hardest part of the day. Two - three hours of technique and live sparring. The thing very few know is that training comes with you. Recovery and rest are major keys to staying healthy and capable of training.

HPS: Ouch...that sounds rough. Did you follow a specific recovery routine?

RH: As far as a recovery routine, I identify the pain and address that first. Then I use lots of Epsom salt baths and lots of icing. I feel the most significant part of my recovery is weekly soft tissue work with my massage therapist. And A LOT OF REST.

HPS: You used the CBD Aminos during your camp, what did you like most about the supplement?

RH: What I enjoyed first was the boost of energy. I felt alert but not like I was caffeinated out; I started taking it before every single workout. The next thing I noticed was how fast I was recovering between my workouts and how much easier it was to train for three hard hours.

HPS: What role did HPS products play in your overall recovery and performance for this fight?

RH: HPS products allowed me to increase my workout load and volume along with helping manage my weight. Like I said before, I used the products as a fuel source before every workout because it helped keep me focused on what I was about to train. I'd say HPS products were the driving force in getting me into peak physical and mental condition for this fight.

HPS: What advice would you give someone who is skeptical about using CBD?

RH: Do your homework, as you would with any product and then let the benefits speak for themselves. I promise they will scream success.


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