For an athlete, every day consistents of tearing the body down so it can rebuild bigger, faster and stronger. It's a unique lifestyle which requires equally unique supplements.

With cannabis legal in over 30 states, the acceptance of marijuana and marijuana-derived products continue to grow. New studies release more information and concrete evidence to prove the medical benefits of cannabis, specifically Cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD is the second main active compound found in the cannabis plant. It is non-psychoactive and the main reason for marijuana's medicinal benefits.

The following are just a few of the many ways CBD enhances athletic performance.

Athletes face issues with inflammation on a daily basis. Studies have shown CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory and a healthy alternative to prevent joint injury, reduce pain and swelling.

Game Day Stress / Anxiety
Competitors who suffer from game-day stress or anxiety can find relief from CBD's anti-depression/anxiolytic properties. Former NFL players regularly use CBD to put down addicting anti-depressants like Xanax and Prozac.

Weight Management
There is nothing more frustrating than training hard and building up an appetite only to throw away your hard work with poor eating choices. Luckily, CBD also works great as an appetite suppressant.

Yes, really.

The famous "munchies" come from high THC products. CBD has the opposite effect, keeping you feeling full longer.

WADA Allowed
UFC star Nate Diaz and his fans received good news in October of 2017 when the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced the removal of CBD from its 2018 prohibited substance list.

But before you start buying every CBD product in your local dispensary, it's important to know only CBD with zero percent THC is allowed. Products containing any THC are still in violation of WADA regulation.

Promotes Sleep
This time falling under cannabis stereotypes, CBD was determined to promote restful sleep. But finding the right dosage may take some experimentation. The same study shows when taken in modest dosages, CBD is mildly alerting. However, several patients with sleep issues reported that ingesting in higher dosages a few hours before bedtime has a balancing effect that facilitates a good night's sleep.

Faster Recovery
Injuries are an athlete's number one enemy. But sometimes set back are unavoidable and unexpected, making recovery crucial. Instead of turning to OTC painkillers -which only mask the pain - speed up your recovery time and combat pain naturally with CBD.

Remember the anti-inflammation properties highlighted earlier in the article? Turns out, reducing post-exercise inflammation also advances the body's recovery time while simultaneously preventing other injuries.

Sound Like You?
The recent passing of cannabis legalization and the new studies that have followed are creating a CBD craze, especially amongst athletes looking for healthy alternatives to the regular supplements offered today.

We proudly offer CBD infused amino supplements in both tub and single serving packets to accommodate your active lifestyle.

With more athletes hoping on the CBD train every day and offering new anecdotal evidence, we have one question left...what are you waiting for?


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